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We have advocated for 150 cases. 

Sexual Violence Advocacy Program 


  • Advocate for survivors emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

  • Empower survivors so they can get back the control of their lives.

  • Help survivors to navigate the legal, medical and institutional system.

  • Support family, partners and friends. 

  • Create safe and healing spaces for communities. 

  • Validate survivors violence stories without asking for proves. 

  • Build a new culture where survivors are supported instead of shamed and re-victimized.

  • Create awareness and prevent sexual violence.  


  • Medical, legal and psychological counseling and advice:

    • Short-term individual.

    • Long-term individual. 

    • Group counseling for survivors.

    • Telephone counseling.

  • Crisis intervention.

  • Legal, medical and institutional advocacy.

  • Referral to our to sexual and domestic violence therapist network.

  • Information on medical and legal services.

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If you or someone you know

needs help, contact us. 


+52 55 52 50 48 59

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We have decided to pause our care and advocacy services.  

Thanks for your unconditional trust.

Full statement here.

Check out some of our advocacy cases here.

La Casa Mandarina AC is an honest and neutral organization that has no affiliation or responds to any political or economic interest. The advocacy program is CONFIDENTIAL.

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