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La Casa Mandarina AC facilitate workshops, conferences and trainings, nationally and internationally, on the root causes of oppression, sexual and gender violence and the impact of trauma. 

our intervention model 

Sexual violence is a social problem and everybody needs to get involved. La Casa Mandarina AC works on strengthening schools, universities, non profits, governments, judges, police, businesses and individuals on sexual violence and domestic violence issues at local, regional and international level.


  • Identify how sexual violence intersects with other forms of oppression -racism, homophobia, xenophobia, poverty, homelessness, intimate partner violence, body-shaming - because one issue cannot be prevented without looking at another.

  • Reflect on how sexual violence impacts us and how we individually contribute to perpetuate it.

  • Get the tools to prevent sexual violence in our community and in our own lives. 

Our intervention model is an holistic, sustainable and replicable program, generated from within the community and can be adapted to different contexts. It aims at promoting change in those social norms and beliefs perpetuating oppression, sexual and gender violence by using the arts to create a new culture were survivors are supported instead of shamed. 

• Train their staff on sexual violence topics (train the trainers).

• Co-facilitate workshops with their clients in primary prevention.


• Provide resources for survivors.


• Support the  design their own program according to their own needs, goals and human & economic resources. 


• Create community awareness and mobilization.


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